A fast-paced multiplayer arena first-person shooter



Highrise Guardian is a fast-paced first-person arena shooter, featuring intense game modes, fluid movements, and calls for
you to strategize intuitively.


To each their own

Whether long-range or close quarter, planning a head shot or ferociously blasting away, you will find a weapon
performing to your expectation. No aiming down sights,
no reloading, no nothing to slow down the fight!


Play to your style

Choose from a variety of abilities to create fleeting yet lethal opportunities in fight! Each ability grants unique powers to support your style: boosted movement, enemy information, enhanced resistance, bursting damage, and more!

The arena

Higher than rooftop

Designed for creative interaction and dynamic combat, our map emphasize vertical engagement and fast position change. Portals and jump pads around the map can help you get around, but only your imagination can find you that perfect angle to fire your shot.


hotspot to contend

Who could say no to some sweet health packs, ammunition, and even more valuable resources that could turn the fight around?! You'd better make sure it's your team securing them!


a sub-culture tribute

We absorb our inspiration from the best of both games and anime. With our stylized environment, we aim to recreate an anime aesthetic while remain convincing to player.

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